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Elephant Sculpture. $700

Bronze coated hand built ceramic elephant sculpture with spalted maple tusks.  $700.00

Copper Fish. $375.

Hand pounded copper fish sculpture. 28''L 19''H

Raku Fish. $225.

Hand built ceramic fish Sculpture 22"L 17"H

Rusty Fish. $255.00.

Rusty iron coated hand built ceramic fish sculpture

Ceramic Fish Sculpture. $250.00.

Hand built ceramic fish sculpture 18"L 10"H

Bronze Jack. $185.00.

Bronze coated hand built ceramic fish sculpture(Jack). 24"x16"

Rhino. $675.00.

Bronze coated hand built Rhino ceramic sculpture.15"Lx8"H

Raku Grouper. $225.00.

Raku Grouper hand built ceramic sculpture 23"L x 10"H.

Bronze Jacks. $105.00

Hand built ceramic bronze coated fish sculpture 23"L 14"H

Shark Hunting. $950.00

Hand built ceramic bronze coated sculpture of shark swimming mounted on driftwood. 28"L 12"H 12"H

Marlin Feeding. $495.00.

Bronzed hand built ceramic sculpture of Marlin feeding on school Dolphin, mounted on black walnut wood. 14"L 9"H

The Reef. $350.00

Hand built ceramic slab sculpture. 34"L 22"H

Rooster Fish. $1500.00.

Hand sculpted ceramic Rooster Fish. 54"L 27"H

Raising Sail. $225.00.

Hand built ceramic sculpture. 22"L 18"H

Gus Gnome. $750.00.

Hand built ceramic sculpture of a gnome. 26"H 15"W

the Hunt. $275.00.

Bronzed ceramic wall hanging of a Marlin feeding. 14"H 11.5"H

Rusty. $325.00.

Hand built ceramic Fish sculpture iron and rust coated on granite mount. 13"H 13"H

Grasslands Rhino. $195.00

Bronzed ceramic wall hanging of a Rhino. 14"H 11"W

The Docks. $475.00.

Barn wood sculpture of a dock scene 24"L 14"W 14"H

Fishtails. $675.00.

Hand carved Trout jumping in the Cattails carved from Mahogany, Birch and Driftwood. 24"H 14"W

Hogfish. $295.00

Hand built ceramic Hogfish sculpture. 14"L 8"H

Large Hogfish. $975.

Large ceramic Hogfish sculpture. 22"L 16"H

Black Grouper. $300.00.

Ceramic sculpture of a Black Grouper. 18"L 8"H

Lurking Muskie. $1,025.00

Framed in maple wood stained grey, HAND BUILT Muskie ceramic sculpture. 38"L 17"H

Viney Vase. $350.00.

Hand built covered in ceramic vines wood fired ceramic vase. 18"H 4"dia.

Hammerhead. $1000.00.

Hand built wood fired ceramic Hammerhead Shark sculpture. 18"L 9"H

The Marlin. $600.00.

Hand built Marlin ceramic sculpture Bronzed. 10"H 19"W

The Fisherman. $200.00.

Bronzed ceramic Fisherman sculpture. 16"H